Product Commercialization

​Taking Products to Market – What you will need

In order for your invention or start up to be successful you need to execute your marketing strategy. A creative process in its own. When completing your marketing strategy you are going to need some very important tools to represent yourself, your product and to convey and showcase your invention in the right way. This is where we can help with the following:

Logo: Each logo has a purpose. Each colour, form and fonts are diligently thought out to represent a character or a mood or a feeling. This mood has to satisfy or catch the attention to that specific target audience that you have set out. Once these elements are defined your branding can be created.

Logo Design Services
Branding: As your logo, your branding goes hand by hand with the message you are always trying to convey. Once this message is defined your branding is one of the most significate parts of your invention. Branding is your form of recognition and once you manage to achieve that you have to keep with it.
Business cards: You need to be able to leave a little something behind. A piece of you with the basic Information so your potential client can contact you after the initial contact. Some companies put a lot of time into business cards because they have to be simple enough to convey your message and significant enough to leave a mark. Business cards should make that first impression strong enough to make a potential client remember you.
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Sell sheets: When approaching potential buyers or investors a very important tool to have is a sell sheet. This is a visual document, usually a one or two page document that summarizes your product in the simplest way. It should show the main features and uses. In some occasions, when available it can have pricing. This document is in essence a tool to sell your invention.
Sell sheet Design Help
Sell sheet Design Services
Catalogue: When you have several products or a line of products you may want to create a catalogue to show potential new buyers. Catalogues are a great added value to offer distributers so they can sell more products. Clean, organized catalogues help increase sales and display your product array.
Booklets or instruction sheets: Some products, depending on the complexity, will have an instruction sheet, manuals, safety sheets or terms & conditions. Some may want to showcase a specific feature about the product. We can help you design organized and clear instruction sheets.
Instruction Sheet Design
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Packaging: We know that packaging is one of the most important parts of your invention when showing it to retailers. Packaging and graphics are designed based on many factors. Target market, audience, budget and even the space on the shelves. Defining the form also has a lot to do with the medium you will use to sell.  Will you sell only online? Will you only sell to retailers? What is the price point of your product? Is this a high-end product or will it be inexpensive? Is it an eco-friendly product? So many variables need to be defined to have a perfect package. Let us help.
Packaging Design Help
Packaging Design Services
Website: A quick one page website with the basics of your product. You need a larger site, with a complex menu? Not a problem. Do you need a website to be done quickly to showcase during a pitch or a presentation? We can work on a simple or complex website that can get you started. If we worked on your design development we probably already have the necessary tools to design the graphics you need to have a professional looking website done quickly.
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