• Bob Dickie – Original Founder
Bob founded Spark Innovations Inc. in 1988 to create innovative product designs with strong intellectual property. After building one of Canada’s largest computer terminal manufacturers, as president of Northern Technologies Corp., a division of Lanpar Technologies Inc., Bob left to start his own company. Early in his career at Lanpar, Bob had created a cable connector that replaced six pieces with one simple-to-use part. This became the basis for his philosophy for Spark. From the start Sparks’ philosophy was to pursue opportunities “in little, high-volume things where we can innovate and patent.”
  • Spark generates innovation that matters, for our clients, our company, and the world.
  • Strategically help companies identify, visualize and communicate product design opportunities to create revenue.
  • Innovate to create exponential growth, using multiple resources from Spark and our partners.
  • Build ongoing respectful relationships with key clients based on strategic mutual interests.
  • Cultivate trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.
  • Do what is right for the long term good of relationships inside and outside of Spark.
  • Challenge systems or processes that impede growth and performance.


Spark Innovation’ Departments

  • Mechanical Design Department
  • Industrial Design Department
  • Electronic Engineering Department
  • Accounting Department
  • Sales and Marketing Department
  • Logistics & Sourcing Department

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