Is Cannabis Being Over Packaged?

Sustainable Opportunities for Industrial Designers

The legalization of cannabis has brought along with it some packaging issues because Canadians think that cannabis packaging is excessive in its current form.

Once someone gets their cannabis delivered, they find themselves opening layers upon layers of packaging. It comes in an envelope, you retrieve the package inside the envelope, and then open that package to get to the box within that has your product. When you get to that box you find it shrink-wrapped in plastic and after you remove the plastic and open the box you often find yet another plastic container in which you finally get to your cannabis.

The difficulties around packaging cannabis have not yet been figured out. There are many opportunities for designers to come up with creative ideas to help resolve some of these issues.  

Childproof packaging options to solve the excessive amount of cannabis packaging

Why is Cannabis Packaging So Excessive?

Laws and regulations have some part in why warning label regulations are mandatory so there is a need for some space to stand out from others and market their brand. Regulations are continuously changing, making it difficult for companies to keep up. To work around this, companies are adding more layers or making their package even larger.

Regulations make cannabis packaging excessive

Childproof materials usually require the use of plastics and in many cases are not sustainable/recyclable plastics. Childproof/smell proof foil bags are incorporated as well which add even more layers.

Is there an opportunity to create something here? Can they be re-used? Converted into something else? How can we reduce the carbon footprint of the entire process? Can the layers be reduced by improving the packaging design?

With very few programs in place to recycle these plastic containers, packaging increases the amount of packaging that ends up in landfills tremendously.

Designers are also aware of regulations that state it is prohibited to sell cannabis or cannabis accessories that have an appearance, shape or other sensory attributes that believe could be appealing to young people. But at the same time, it is not clear how this applies to edible candies, gummies, and chocolates.

Child safety is one of the biggest focuses around the regulations on packaging. There are many ideas thrown out there on how to potentially solve these issues but none are quite resolved yet.

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