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Spark provides quick turnaround times on patent illustration services for patent lawyers and innovators.  We have over a decade of experience preparing patent drawings for our clients and now offer this as a standalone service.

Patent law requires applications for inventions that can be illustrated by drawings to include at least one patent drawing. Patent drawings follow a specific set of standards to illustrate the invention and show the detailed features.  The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) specifies the sheet sizes, paper type, formatting, margins, and other details relating to the creating the drawing.

The patent drawings are necessary to support the understanding of the invention and clearly identify the features of the invention specified in the claims. The number of drawings required depends on the type of application and the complexity of the invention.

We are familiar with creating patent drawings for Design, Provisional and Utility applications.  As part of the drawing service we collaborate with the Lawyer to identify figs and add numbering.

Spark can start from scratch or work with existing 2D or 3D CAD files and even recreate clean illustrations from hand drawings or photos.  Our team of designers can handle any request for patent drawings from the simple to the complex.

A good set of patent drawings are the best way to submit a strong patent application.  Contact Spark for a nondisclosure agreement and a patent drawing quote.

Patent office Drawing Standards:





Examples of design patent drawings:

Design Patent Drawing Services
Design Patent Drawing Services Toronto

Examples of utility patent drawings:

Utility Patent Drawing Services
Utility Patent Drawing Services
Utility Patent Drawing Help