Presentation Services

If you have a product you want to develop and sell, you will need visual presentations services. What exactly is this?
As the name implies, this is a visual representation of your product used to highlight its features and design. Product visualization and presentation comes in many forms and is a realistic depiction of your invention.
Typically involves 3D modeling software which is used to create technical drawings, renderings, videos, animations, and altered illustrations.
It can impact a product and its success by enabling potential investors or licensing specialists to see a product instead of simply relying on their imaginations, giving them a complete and accurate idea of what the product will look like and how it will function.

Here are examples of presentation and visualization services we can provide.

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Technical Drawings

Technical drawings are draft drawings that visually communicate the form and function of your invention. They usually show different views and measurements, along with the details of how your invention is constructed. If your invention is composed of a large assembly, the detail of each part will be shown. These drawings are used when requesting a quote or for manufacturing.

Technical Drawings Toronto
Technical Drawings Services

Product Rendering

Product renderings are 3D CAD models that are manipulated with rendering software. A rendering provides a realistic view of your invention by mimicking its exact texture, colour, and form. Renderings also enable you to view your idea and make tweaks before venturing into a functioning prototype. While viewing your product in rendered state you can choose different colour options or textures.

Product Rendering Service
Product Rendering Help

Concept Modeling or Realistic Scenery Incorporation

Concept modeling, or realistic scenery incorporation, places a render of your invention into a specific environment. This type of visualization is typically used for pitching your product or in presentations of your invention. Your invention is usually placed in a setting where it would normally be viewed in real life. You might also think of concept modelling as an action shot.

Concept Modeling Service
Concept Modeling Help

Product Illustration

Product Illustration is usually done when there are no CAD drawings of your product. Illustrations are normally only used during the initial stages of an invention’s development, when you want to share your idea with people for surveys or feedback for market research or an initial pitch. With product illustrations, your invention is placed in a suitable environment and built up digitally.

Product Illustration Help Toronto
Product Illustration Image layers

Product Photography

Product photography services are used when you have a functioning prototype, production sample, or final product and you need a very clean image with a white background. We have an in-house white box and professional camera lenses to ensure the quality of your image. These images are required for marketing purposes or for your website.

Product Photography Help
Product Photography Service

Graphic Manuals/Illustrations

In some cases your product may need manuals or instruction sheets, depending on the complexity, with a bit more illustrations to explain details of how it’s used. We can help you design organized and clear diagrams or technical drawings to showcase a specific feature about the product.

Graphic Manuals and illustration Help
Graphic Manuals and illustrations

Product Animation

With your CAD models we can do a 3D product animation. Using specialized software, we can create a 3D video animation showing a 360° rotation, an exploded animation, or highlighting specific features. The possibilities are endless. This service is used to increase sales, for your website, product pitch, a survey, or any marketing.

Product Animation help
Product Animation Services

Product visualization is the tool you need to present concepts to investors or companies, analyze the performance of an invention, and communicate the functionality of a product. Properly leveraging visualization at all stages of the product development process will lead to a successful product design.