The Airmouse is a medically designed and experimentally tested computer mouse engineered to optimize mouse speed and accuracy, as well as reduce pain associated with computer related repetitive stress injuries (RSI’s).

This flexible glove mimics the natural joint and muscle kinematics of the human hand. It maximizes the translation of natural hand movements to the force applied to the tracking sensor.

Composed of a light weight material that supports the neutral hand position posture, this next generation mouse automatically activates when in mouse mode and deactivates automatically when typing or otherwise (Patented Feature). The Airmouse includes functional components (such as tracking device, mouse click buttons) positioned to give user full tactile sensitivity, and to seamlessly multitask between keyboard and mouse

The design acts to stabilize hand and wrist in neutral hand posture. The Airmouse increases blood flow to the hand during mouse use as well as maintains the consumer preferred hand position of the palm face down on a flat surface during use. This minimizes stress on the physiological structures of the hand and prevent movements that result in the pain associated with the symptoms and pain of computer related repetitive stress injuries such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

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