Drywall Axe

“Anyone who has cut drywall before knows that you can easily cut a four-foot piece with a square (tool), but an eight-foot is much more difficult, holding a knife in one hand and a measuring tape in the other”. Spark Innovations worked on concept sketches, renders, mechanical engineering, patent and his website development. We are very pleased to have helped Adam Pauze in the development process of his Drywall Axe; and we continue working with Adam developing other ideas and taking them to the market.

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Drywall Axe 3D printing
Drywall Axe Rendering of exploded view
Drywall Axe rendering
Mechanical Engineering DryWall Axe







Drywall Axe Patent drawings
Patent Drawings DryWall Axe
DryWall Axe Final Product Design
DryWall Axe Maximum