The Golf square is used to produce different types of golf shots. Essentially, the alignment square is made of plastic. It measures 1 inch square, by 40 inches long. It includes four rods. The bottom one adjusts to accommodate a shorter stance for irons and a longer stance for drivers. The square is retractable as well so it can fit in a golfer’s bag.

The square quantifies a player’s alignment, which means a number is set to a golfer’s stance. Three measurements are visible on the rods to track how far away the player stands from the ball, the width of the player’s stance and where the ball is placed. The square is pointed at the target and the golfer is aligned.

“The most-common golf aids in the world are alignment rods,” Zuzik said. “If you go to a pro to get instruction, they’ll line you up with these alignment rods. Instead of two rods, we’ve made it into one apparatus and given you more features, rather than just fixing your aim.”

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