Hot Block

In parts of Canada and the northern US, the temperatures during winter are so low that most vehicles have engines with block heaters. These aftermarket block heaters have a short 110 VAC male plug that hangs or is tied just outside the front grill of the vehicle. There is usually an accompanying 110 VAC extension cord kept in the trunk or rear seat. When it is very cold or the vehicle is parked overnight, the driver will plug in the extension cord to the block heater and then into an outside 110 VAC outlet. In cities like Edmonton or Calgary there are 110 VAC outlets at every parking location and even rental cars come with block heaters and extension cords. This new system is for vehicles with block heaters and incorporates a 110 VAC cord reel that is installed behind the license plate in the front of the vehicle. The male plug is behind a rubber door and can be pulled out to connect to an outdoor outlet. There is a short female 110 VAC plug in the existing system that stays plugged into the block heater. This system is faster, cleaner and more convenient than loose extension cords as the cord stays outside the vehicle and soiled cords do not have to be placed in the rear seat or trunk after each use.  The cord length on reel is expected to be approx 20 feet long and short fixed female plug cord approximately 1 to 2 feet in length. There are also two LED indicators on each side of the enclosure so from either side of the vehicle it can be visually confirmed that power is connected to system.

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