Aperta – Iso Acoustics

Die Cast Speaker Stands

Spark Innovations worked along with Dave Morrison to develop the IsoAcoustics. Spark worked on all stages of the design, perfecting the initial concept, the patent and the engineering. These Iso Acoustics die cast speaker stands are built with a unique, patented isolation technology that allows your speakers to “float” in free space, letting you hear authentic, uncoloured sound. These stands effectively eliminate energy transfer to surrounding surfaces. Bass becomes tighter. Overall imaging is enhanced. Your speakers perform to their full potential. Whether you’re a pro mixing in the studio – a musician creating in a home project environment – or an audiophile who appreciates every nuance of music and sound – you’ll hear and appreciate the difference.

The stylish and sleek line of sculpted aluminum acoustic isolation stands were designed for medium-sized professional studio monitors and speakers. The Aperta’s stylized design creates an open space and compliments its surroundings, as well as the spatial openness in sound and the crystal clarity in music that they deliver. The artistically designed Aperta stands raise the bar to set a new standard for remarkable acoustic isolation and performance. Aperta provides an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective means to markedly enhance the sound clarity and transparency of medium sized speakers, using the patented “floating design” that this company has become famous for.

Check out the Iso Acoustics website: http://www.isoacoustics.com/