Medical BCL Head Protection

Many children with disabilities are required to wear helmets for their own protection, due to poor balance and coordination, high fall risks, and coping behaviours known as “head banging”. As a result, onlookers will often stare excessively with curiosity, judgement, and questions. Parents and caregivers will often offer a simple explanation such as” Johnny has epilepsy”, to avoid further discomfort.

Both for children and adults alike, persuading the person to wear the protective head gear can be a daily struggle, due to feelings of embarrassment and feeling as though they look like an “astronaut” with some of the current designs available on the market.

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The BCL is a revolutionary head guard with a sleek minimalist design but maximum impact protection. The BCL provides safety without sacrificing any normal functionality or comfort for the person wearing it. The BCL provides a significant reduction in injury/head trauma with a revolutionary minimalist design that is light, comfortable, and practically invisible. It fits to the head not the hat. The D3O foam molds/contours to every bump on the wearer’s head, meaning that even if the hat falls off, the protection stays on. The BCL can fit under an adjustable ball cap or a one size larger fitted cap.