OREA Series – IsoAcoustics

The OREA Series was designed and developed by Spark Innovations for ISO Acoustics. The latest ISO design in pucks provides extraordinary levels of isolation for high fidelity audio components and turntables.

The OREA series has two designs: Indigo  which is 2.3×1.3” (58x33mm) and Weight cap: 16lbs (7.2kg) each, also the Bordeaux which is 2.6×1.4” (67x36mm) and Weight cap: 32lbs (14.5kg) each.

The Oreas series has applied patented IsoAcoustics design principles provides the highest degree of vibration isolation and energy management for high fidelity audio components. Removing parasitic vibration releases new levels of sound clarity and openness when used with amplifiers, monoblock amplifiers DAC’s, CD players, turntables and more.

Check out the Iso Acoustics website: http://www.isoacoustics.com/