The Pastry Pro is simply faster, cleaner, easier and more consistent than any other pastry utensil on the market today. When you’re finished with the Pastry Pro, the ingredients are still cold. It’s that fast!

The ergonomically designed Pastry Pro allows you to make perfect pastries in 60-seconds! It is designed to cut through flour and butter, giving you tender, flaky pies and pastries every time. There’s no need to pre-sift your flour or pre-cube your butter. In fact, you can keep your butter chilled until you’re ready to mix! Just toss your dry ingredients in a bowl, mix with the Pastry Pro, then add your chilled butter and in seconds you’ve got the precise consistency you need for your perfect pastry.

The Kitchen Innovations line of utensils offers an effortless way of bringing professional gourmet cooking and baking results into your own home. Only the Pastry Pro has patented stainless steel diamond shape cutting blades to easily cut through chilled butter/lard to make perfect pastry every time.

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