Q-Wave Pulse on Indiegogo

It time to spread the word about an alternative healing product to high priced and highly addictive medications with the new product the Q Wave Pulse TM healing disc.

After Joanne and Garth went through a massive car accident in 2004 and Garth spent eight months in hospital, a month in a drug induced coma on life support, 23 surgeries, two near death experiences and eight years in a wheelchair later and walking today, He decided to follow his vision in the coma and create a healing disc that would help people like himself dealing with chronic pain and injuries.

In 2013 and after many years of research into frequency and vibration healing Garth created and patented in the US and Internationally a product called the Q Wave Pulse TM ultra-low frequency healing disc.

The Q Wave Pulse utilizes low frequencies between 3.3 Hz and 11 Hz that are FDA Cleared and doctor recommended to help relieve pain but also over time and treatments correct the underlying problem or condition.

Unlike pain medication, drugs or other devices like TENS units that just mask the problem or take off the edge of the pain, the Q Wave Pulse TM can actually correct the underlying problem or condition.

It’s interesting that the same frequencies that we use in our device are found in Nature for instance the Earth resonates at a constant frequency of between 7 Hz and 11 Hz, the pyramid of Giza at 6.8 Hz, sonar healing of Dolphins at 8 Hz so it’s no wonder we are so connected to the earth around us and the living world.

Here is the Q-Wave web site for you to check out http://www.qwavepulse.com

Take the time to review our information and we ask our friends for your feedback or support. Our campaign on Indiegogo has started as of Friday April 24, 2015 https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-q-wave-pulse-healing-disc/x/10160278
Their goal is to reach $100,000.00 by June 23, 2015 or within 60 days.

Your help and support will allow them the opportunity to complete the manufacturing of this great product and get it into the hands of people who suffer everyday from chronic pain, arthritis, muscle and joint injuries and so on.

Thank you.