Nutri board

Scale Nutri Board

This all-in-one kitchen scale and cutting board was designed and developed by Spark’s team of Industrial Designers. This amazing kitchen tool is not only ideal for the healthy eaters but also for consumers looking for tools that allow them to create meals quickly and accurately. This cut, weigh and dispense all-in-one kitchen scale and cutting board is perfect got for healthy eating and portion control. it combines the functionality of a kitchen scale with optional dual cutting surfaces. The removable second cutting surface adds versatility as there is a clean surface underneath! Effortlessly manage portion control with The most amazing feature of this board: the built-in food scale.

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Kitchen tool "Nutri board"

Some great design features that make its use possible in an efficiently way are the holes with bottom notches that allow for accurate transfer from board to pot, bowls & blender with no mess. Raised edge guards against spills and non-slip base plus angle sides allows for easy handling. Scale surface area accommodates full-size bowls without obscuring display.

Nutri board Dual Surface
Nutri board bottom
Nutri board