Sleepout: Sleep Dark, Sleep Well.

Did you know that light is the biggest external factor that can have an impact on your sleep? We can all benefit from a dark sleep environment, achieving a deeper and superior sleep. Introducing the Sleepout, the first portable blackout curtain that completely darkens any room in just a matter of seconds. It is super easy and quick to install, adjustable, and is 100% light blocking: all resulting in the improvement of your sleep quality. With the Sleepout, sleeping in the 100% dark is accessible to everyone and is more than achievable.

The Sleepout is extremely versatile, as it stays locked in place using suction cups and comes with Sleepout Pads, making it easy for you to adjust the curtain to any window and block out all streams of light. Installation of the Sleepout is such an easy process, with no tools required to install it. The curtain is made of high quality 100% blackout fabric, adheres to all the highest quality standards, and is the best in class design out there on the market.

Product Design Team

Spark Innovations worked on prototyping, graphic design for logo development and design, patent work, industrial design concepts, and engineering drawings. Sleep better anywhere you are with the Sleepout, get yours today at

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