Unique Snow shovel with a brush for confidence and speed!

Snow Shovel- Brush Shovel

This snow shovel was designed with bristles mounted at base of shovel keep the blade 5/16” or 8mm off the ground. With this feature the shovel does not get stuck on cracks and uneven surfaces like traditional shovels and eliminates having to sweep surfaces after shovelling. The extra large handle was designed to give more pushing power without fear of getting caught on the ground and also cutting snow removal time in half!

Spark’s team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers worked on all phases of the product development process. From the Initial concepts, renders, 3D mechanical drawings, 1:1 working prototypes and patent drawings to sell sheet for retail presentations.

Shovel Faster With Confidence! The shovel that won’t get stuck Clear surfaces completely by using the best shovel and brush technology!

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New Snow Shovel with Bristles
Snow Shovel cleaning the surface
Snow Shovel Patent Drawings