The SplatterDōm

The SplatterDōm is an adjustable and reversible tool that keeps your stovetop clean while providing continuous access to your food. The SplatterDōm does not need to be lifted to stir, mix, flip, or add ingredients to your cooking creation. The handle design allow for easy carrying from one cooking device to another or from stovetop to sink or dishwasher. 

The SplatterDōm can be used unopened, partially-opened, or fully opened depending on your cooking style and protection needed. Its unique design is collapsible, compact, and easy to clean. It folds flat to neatly fit inside your drawer or be hung on the kitchen backsplash.  It is dishwasher safe and for extreme messes. 

If you want to get your own SplatterDōm click on the Canadian Link here or the USA link here!



Dual-sided to fit most 8 inch (with range of 7.08-8.79) and 10 inch (with range of 9.39-10.7) pots and pans. This unique design includes a ventilated lid which sits on top or inside the SplatterDōm.

Great suggested uses for the SplatterDōm

Use SplatterDōm with accompanying lid to boil water for pasta, rice, and other starches, then remove lid and cook-away. For all other cooking, simply place the desired SplatterDōm end on your cooking device and go to town frying, boiling, searing, and sautéing. Set aside the lid and use it as a resting spot for your cooking spoon, spatula, or the alike. SplatterDōm’s unique design allows for heat to be reduced while cooking, saving you money on your energy bill.

The Product Development Team Behind The SplatterDōm

The Spark team was involved in the design and development of the SplatterDōm. Spark Innovations worked on the concept development, preliminary design, prototyping, industrial design, 3D Printing, renderings and patent.