Trion SK8W8

Trion Hockey used Spark Innovation’s talent to develop The SK8W8. Trion’s goal was to design products that give the competitive edge and improve the game of hockey. As a result their first product was introduced to the market in January of 2006. SK8W8 (skate-weight) are adjustable weights for your skates designed to improve your skating speed, endurance and leg strength. This product is a training aid for all athletes training on ice skates, from hockey players, to speed skates. It will assist in conditioning by increasing strength, muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance. The patented adjustment fitting system allows the SK8W8 to be fitted easily with no tools required. Three separate weights for multiple weight settings – adjusts easily and quickly loading each skate as desired. SK8W8 is made from a durable, high impact nylon that will withstand the extreme cold of ice training sessions.

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