Product Design and Development for Corporations

By developing products that answer the needs and wants of the consumer, Spark’s industrial design team creates profit for your project.
Spark’s product-design skill is proven. Electric and manual toothbrushes, tape dispensers, wheelchairs, scooters, night lights, hockey helmets and hardhats—if you name a category, chances are, we’ve designed it. For over 20 years, our Industrial Design team has specialized in creating products that sell. Spark-designed products have generated over $20 billion in revenues worldwide.

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Designing for Corporations

As a manager responsible for new offerings, you are under considerable pressure to do more with less… to rapidly evolve innovative offerings, increasing revenue and profit while controlling costs.

Spark Innovations Inc. is an award-winning product development company that works with established corporations to expand on product strategy, define new concepts, design, engineer, and prototype, patent and coordinate manufacturing through to packaged products, ready for sale. We understand that good design means good business only if it increases sustainable ROI for our clients. By providing product benefits, strong intellectual property and exceptional service, we fulfill the emotional wants of the consumer and the business needs of our clients.Our long history of success is the result of a proven, strategic process that satisfies both of these critical, often-competing demands.

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A Design Firm your Company can Trust!

Spark can take YOUR company to the next level by meeting these challenges. Major companies such as Microsoft, Labatts, Lepage’s, Itech, 3M, Proctor & Gamble, Adidas, Butler, Burton, Brine, Leviton, Tatung, and Mitsui have experienced Spark’s creative talents. … Are you ready? Click on our Services section to better understand our full service capabilities Shorten your time to market ELumina HiLo Night light – from concept sketch to production and certification in 60 days.

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