Product Design and Development for Innovators

Spark Innovations is known for creating turnkey high-volume products with exceptional design flair, and with a strong patent protection bias. Spark provides expert product development services. Spark can review your product concept, focus the product design, features, marketing or licensing strategies and expertly handle the intellectual property. Spark frequently works as an equity partner in projects with partners. In some cases we provide an “incubator environment” for starting new companies that own and market new creations. At Spark’s core, is a very talented team of mechanical and electrical engineers and industrial designers. Our experienced team has some of the very best design tools available, from our exclusive in house 3D ABS printer to the powerful Catia CAD software and SolidWorks. This all comes together with world-class execution of styling and mechanical features designed for mass production. Click on our Services section to better understand our full service capabilities.

Inventing and Designing: Creating profit for your project

By developing products that answer the needs and wants of the consumer, Spark’s industrial design and Product development team creates profit for your project.

Spark’s product-design skills is proven in our projects: Electric and manual toothbrushes, tape dispensers, wheelchairs, scooters, night lights, hockey helmets and hardhats—if you name a category, chances are, we’ve designed it. For over 20 years, our Industrial Design team has specialized in creating products that sell. Spark-designed products have generated over $20 billion in revenues worldwide.

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