Startup Incubators

New Inventions and New Ventures


Spark was founded on a product development philosophy that has been clearly put into words by Eleven, a successful design office based in Boston:

    • Isolate a low-tech product that currently sells extremely well through retail channels, and improve it. Enrich the product through value-added solutions that are embodied in an aesthetic that makes clear the advancements it offers in terms of intellectual property.
    • Gain an extensive knowledge of the players supplying the world with the selected products.
    • Begin a journey of understanding about the user and how he/she understands the current product offering. When designing your product, go beyond consumers’ current knowledge base. Design, test, and dig deeper than almost any client would pay you to do.
    • Sell your intellectual property based on a track record of success and innovation. If you solve both the consumer problems and the corporate problems, you can win at this game. If you reinvent what a corporation is currently selling, it can often make the leap.

Incubated Companies

Kitchen Innovations Inc. Spark formed a partnership in 2002, to manufacturer and market the patented Pastry Pro and Gourmet Blender to specialty retailers throughout the world.

Brushpoint Innovations Brushpoint Innovations manufactures and markets the patented electric toothbrush technology, and oral care products developed in partnership with Spark, to major retailers for private label sales.

Brunton Innovations Spark develops golf training Aids with the help of Henry Brunton, one of the most recognizable names in Canadian golf and is one of the world’s leading golf coaches and educators. Gripitrite developed in 2011 is a successful grip aid that teaches and develops an ideal grip – Golf’s most important fundamental. Sold worldwide.

BCL Inc. is a head impact liner used to protect players for any ball sports. Thin yet strong made of a high impact patented visio elastic body armor and space age “metal replacement” technology. Invented by Adam Pauze and Cliff Floyd, former MLB player, with the intentions of saving lives and protecting the young players of the future.

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