Sourcing Liaison & Logistics

A market-transforming product is powerless if not manufactured correctly. Spark starts by designing for the supply chain. With Spark supplier and manufacturing support, our experienced mechanical and design team oversees your project through pre-production and manufacturing, supporting your factories, ensuring the integrity of your design,and promptly resolving any issues that arise, allowing you to focus on sales and distribution.

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Logistics for Product Design
Logistics for Product Development

Innovation and Profit

Spark’s design process allows us to create innovative, profitable, high quality products quickly and efficiently. We collaborate early, during the critical conceptual design phase, with all stakeholders. The result is a highly detailed plan and roadmap created with expert input from all disciplines including the distributor, the marketer, the retailer, the enduser, and the manufacturer. Considerations are given to materials, and fasteners, through to packaging and shippingcartons. As part of this process we ensure that your product obtains compliance with all the necessary regulatory organizations. Spark started and operated the fourth largest power toothbrush company in North America (Brushpoint) until Oct. 4, 2016 when Ranir LLC, a leading global manufacturer of store brand oral care products and value branded oral care products under the Plackers and REMBRANDT trademarks acquired BrushPoint.

Project Management through Manufacturing
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