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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to product development, how can Spark help with this?


With our 30+ years of experience we will consult you through all the steps of developing a product. We will prepare you for future milestones and hurdles you may face as your project takes shape, like communicating with suppliers and manufacturers, prototype costing, tooling modification strategies.

My company has product development experience, how can Spark help us?


Spark has worked with many companies from a wide range of industries, we understand collaboration and team integration is an integral part of a projects success. Our team can work closely with your team to support parts of the project that need our expert design development. We can project manage and consult, flexibility of support is integral for our mutual success.

How much can a prototype cost?

There a many different prototyping strategies and methods, like 3D printing, machining, casting… Size, material, and quantity are significant factors to the cost of a prototype. Some prototypes can be free, like internal validation 3D prints, others can cost in the thousands.

I would like to reach out to Spark, what does this process look like?


Before you contact us, first sign Spark’s or your own organization NDA and send it to us for a sign back. We will schedule a meeting to review your project and discuss the steps needed to get you to your end goal(s). We will then provide you with a quote detailing the scope of work, time-frame and costs associated with each phase and milestone.

How long will my project take?


Project length depends on complexity of design, manufacturing, prototyping feasibility + other factors. As a result projects usually run a minimum of 6 months up to 24 months depending on the end goals and interim milestones.

How much will my project cost?


There are several phases of any project, each customized to the clients needs and end-goals. However the first common two phases of a project are concept development and prototyping. These can be a range of 80-400+ hours of development. This does not include future production intent development, and complexity of design has a strong influence on project cost. Design and Engineering firms can charge from $100-$400 / hour for product development. After reviewing your project Spark will provide you with a quote detailing the scope of work, time-frame and costs associated with each phase and milestone.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

In order to protect your invention and the confidentiality of our discussion it is standard in our industry to start by filling out a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Filling out our NDA

Fill your name on the first line, your address and phone number on the second and third lines, add a brief description for context on the fourth line then pick a duration of non-disclosure of 3 to 5 years. Sign and date as the first party on the 2nd page, save and email it to