Spark Innovation’s Reviews & Testimonials

Drywall tool is a great success. I have been offered licensing agreements by three different manufacturers one of which is vary reputable Danco , Stanley loved the product and gave me contact information to call after the show . Everyone loves my proto-type and I been giving Sparks the credit . I believe this is a hit thanks to you and your staff!

Adam Pauze

President, Pauze Innovations

In developing our innovative healing device the Q Wave Pulse we needed a team of industrial designers dedicated to making this product happen and a reality.

Bob Dickie and his team at Spark Innovations did just that, taking my dream of an idea from my vision and turning that into an actual working design and prototype that is engineered for success.

We are just starting our crowd funding campaign and soon on to licensing of our product.

Spark Innovations have been with us every step of the way.

April 16, 2015

Garth Holding

President, Quantum Wave Technologies Ltd.

Thanks to you and all of the Spark team for the great work!! Job well done!!

Vito Braic

Wet Heads

“One of the biggest helps along the way was a fellow by the name of Bob Dickie from Spark Innovations. I had no idea how to produce what I had visioned. So I spent a few months researching product development companies and that’s when I came across Spark Innovations.

I wouldn’t be where I am at today if it wasn’t for Bob Dickie and the amazing staff at Spark Innovations. They were able to take my concept and transform it into what you see today and will see on all beverage cans soon. My experience with Bob Dickie and Spark Innovation has far exceeded what I had expected from a company.

I definitely recommend Spark Innovations to anyone with an idea….If you can dream it….Spark can make it!!!!”

Steve Archambault

We are so happy with the product design done by Spark Innovations at Ontario. We didn’t need to concern about the offshore production instead we could concentrate more on managing product distribution and sales. They gave more of their attention to the product–sequence details. The staffs were so helping and we found it very easy and safe to work with them. Thanks team! Great service!!


Inventor, Great Product Design

Spark Innovations is always a pleasure to work with and we consistently use them for our design and engineering needs. Throughout our various projects, they have been responsive, professional and have been willing to tolerate a good deal of back and forth between us to get the design up to our high standards.

Ryan Boyle

Managing Director , Kitchen Innovations Inc

In my search for a company who would bring my idea to life, I had researched and approached several corporations in the Eastern Ontario region who I believed could do the job. However, the lack of communication (or none, in most cases) discouraged me from ever thinking my vision could become a reality.

It wasn’t until I expanded my horizons by looking into the GTA that I fell upon the Spark Innovations Inc. website. After just a few minutes of reading through their website, I received that “Ah ha!” moment (just like the one I experienced when my idea struck) as I knew this was the company for me.

I emailed Spark immediately and by the end of the day I had already received a reply from Mr. Bob Dickey, President of Spark Innovations Inc. I was in shock as I rarely received replies from previous companies. We set up a phone call later in the week to discuss my vision in more detail and got the ball rolling right away. My dream was taking form within weeks!

Now, two years later, with the guidance, hard work, and dedication from the Spark team, I have received my first ever U.S. Utility Patent, am solidifying my final prototype, am preparing to launch a crowd funding campaign, and am finalizing the steps toward putting my product on to store shelves.

Without the help of Spark, I would not be on my way to becoming the entrepreneur I always dreamed I would be. They truly have become mentors to me and I can’t thank them enough for all they have done. It is because of Spark Innovations that my vision is now a REALITY. They turned this dreamer into a doer.

I would highly recommend Spark Innovations Inc. to anyone with an idea looking to bring it to life! Lack of experience or knowing what steps to take in the product development field can often stop people from taking action – but thankfully, Spark is here to take care of that for you!

One call to Spark Innovations Inc. will change your life.

Grant Winchester

Inventor , The Snobird

We’ve been working with Spark now for over 10 years, their design and engineering team is responsive and professional.  They have provided us with innovative patentable products with functional designs that are proven winners in the very competitive Power Toothbrush market.


President, Brushpoint

Thanks Spark Innovations for the great marketing plan that you have suggested. It was such a great experience working with your team. I found your direct sales offer very helpful. And I hope to work with you in my coming projects. Thanks a lot!
Yes, I would recommend you guys.

Inventor , Successful Marketing Plan