Products Design & Electronic Engineering

Complimenting our mechanical and industrial design department is our electronics team. The “in-house” back and fourth between ID, Mechanical, and Electrical provides an efficient development cycle and results in outstanding products. Aside from the obvious cost and time savings, the end result is a better product from integrated thinking right from the start.

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Our electronics department provides a wide variety of services including the standard schematic capture, PCB layout and design, firmware and rapid prototyping. Our specialties include mixed-signal circuits and embedded controllers. Our consumer electronics products are a great indication of how well a multi-faceted development team can create truly innovative products.

Problem solving Team of Engineers and Product Designers

A large range of products today require electronics, wireless control and connectivity to function. With the ever-growing technology in wearables, consumer portables, sensors and the internet all these components come together to create new products or develop existing products into more sophisticated designs. If your new idea or invention requires any type of technology our team of electronic engineers and industrial designers will most likely come together to help you in the product design and development.
Our experienced electronic design engineers work with our product & industrial design team along with our mechanical engineers to solve all the problems you may encounter.

Whether your new idea needs a portable battery system or Li-ion batteries, USB, NIMH portable battery systems, non-contact inductive charging, USB or Power over Ethernet (PoE) we can help it come to life!
We can also add to your invention cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, GPS, custom radio protocols, or other types of secure wireless control and connectivity to your product.
Many procedures and typed of technology are involved in the simplest of electronic products. We have the experience to bring your invention together, from the mechanical, industrial and electronic design, for an efficient and effective product design solution.