Product Design

Product Design

Product design is what we do best at Spark Innovations! Product design involves an extensive approach to the creation of new products or inventions to be sold on the market. The definition seems simple but there is a lot more to product design than meets the eye.
Product design starts with the initial stage of an idea which is typically developed to solve a problem. New problems generate entirely new products, however, we can take an existing product and improve it to develop an entirely innovative idea.

Product designers will sketch and create concepts for you to make your idea look sleek and stunning while also helping you identify, examine, and validate the problem you presented. In short, the aesthetics of your idea are not the only concern of a product designer. Beyond appearance, product design involves important considerations about the user experience, marketplace, and manufacturing process.


Product Design and user experience

User Experience

Improving and enhancing the user’s pleasure when interacting with the product designed. During this process it’s important to ensure that users experience minimal issues when using a device: fewer steps, easier to use, and just simpler overall. Textures and materials are analyzed during this process to make sure they complement the user’s behaviour during use of the new invention or idea.


Product Design and the Marketplace


Research, investigation, and examination are essential in this part of product design. Becoming familiar with the marketplace is vital for a product’s success. Understanding the target market, the demographics, their needs, and the language they are familiar with allows us to translate all of these elements into the aesthetics and user experience.

Product Design and Manufacturing

Manufacturing Process

During all steps of product design we are thinking about the manufacturing process. From beginning to end we keep in mind the final process of the design. Not every form you can imagine is easily manufacturable. With our experience, we take the various manufacturing processes into consideration to make sure the product is designed in the right way and easily assembled and packaged.

Developing new products is challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. Inventors, designers, and start-ups who have never been involved in a development effort are often surprised by the amount of time and money that goes into new product design. Great products are not simply designed, but instead they evolve over time through countless hours of research, analysis, design studies, engineering and prototyping, and finally, testing, modifying, and re-testing until the design has been perfected.

Inventors!, inventing and coming up with new ideas is just the beginning of the product design process. If you need help with the entire process from the initial sketches and form to the manufacturing, we can help! Our expert team of product designers, industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and marketing experts can help your product become a success!

We can identify the potential in your new product idea, successfully design it, and help you manufacture it!

Product Design and prototyping