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Helping individuals & entrepreneurs with ideas, and start-ups & corporations with product development, patents, manufacturing, and sales & distribution.

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Industrial Design & Product Development

Product Development Services

Product Development

By developing products that answer the needs and wants of the consumer, Spark’s industrial designers and mechanical engineers create value for your project. Spark’s product-design, product development and industrial design skills are proven.

Industrial Design Services

Industrial Design

Industrial Design is one of our most important strengths here at Spark Innovations! Industrial design is the service of generating and developing concepts that enhance the function, use, appearance for the benefit of both the user and the manufacturer.

Mechanical Engineering Service

Mechanical Engineering

Spark’s team of Mechanical Engineers ensures that our concepts are feasible from the start. One of Spark’s strongest abilities is in designing products for high-volume production. This entails a very different way of thinking about design.

Patent Services

Patent Services

Today’s successful products are all about patents. Patents allow a startup to startup. With a small investment in Intellectual property a startup business can have protection and slowly build it’s business with profits and minor investment.




Spark Innovations is an award-winning Industrial Design and Product Development company that specializes in developing innovative products/ inventions, from electronic consumer goods and housewares, to sports and industrial equipment!




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