As an innovative digital health company, AireHealth’s mission is to develop digital health technologies that provide actionable insights to improve respiratory outcomes. They address the growing burden of chronic respiratory disease.

The Market’s First FDA-Cleared Connected Nebulizer

AireHealth has developed a device that is helping people with chronic respiratory conditions to improve medication adherence and manage their symptoms. The Nebulizer has features such as is portability, battery operated, and ergonomically designed to enable patients to complete their respiratory treatments any place, any time.


Spark Innovations was the chosen developer by the medical device company Airehealth to develop their next generation nebulizer device. Spark’s Mechanical and Industrial designers were given a very unique challenge to re-design Airehealth’s flagship nebulizer using existing and proven technologies from the first generation device. Several rounds of iterations and testing were conducted. The end result was a successful next generation nebulizer device. Spark’s efficiencies and experience were also able to keep this project right on budget for the client.

Ease Of Use For Everybody