TIARA Shower Cap design

TIARA Shower Cap™

Spark Innovations worked along with the inventor of the TIARA Shower Cap™  in every step of the design development process. The team of Industrial Designers created the initial sketches and templates for the samples that would be made in Toronto and then sent out to china. We presented different options and manufacturing possibilities. Spark Innovations worked on her patent drawings and we helped with her logo and packaging.  Lots of changes were made to the size, graphics and form of the package until the client was completely happy with the results. The TIARA Shower Cap™  has a patented tiara shape at the front to avoid marks that may turn into wrinkles. The elastic is only on the back and will not pinch or squeeze your forehead.  The TIARA Shower Cap™  is terry lined providing a secure, comfortable fit that locks out frizz while it pampers your skin. It is reversible for hair treatment and every shower cap is hand printed!

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TIARA Shower Cap features
TIARA Shower Cap Reversible features
TIARA Shower Cap Packaging