The Tough Turban

The Tough Turban is the latest most innovative protection that also allows for expression for turban-wearing riders. Turban-wearing motorcyclists in Canada have had a helmet exemption for years on end, leaving room for inadequate protection while riding. The turban is not just an important symbol for Sikhs but also is a big part of their identity and how they express themselves. The creator behind The Tough Turban, a Sikh man, wanted riders to feel protected and safer with their product. It combines the best of both worlds, as it provides the aspect of safety and the ability to express your culture.

Within the Tough Turban there are three layers of protection; Dyneema Composite fabric which is bulletproof laminate, Non-Newtonian Foam which is used in military armour and helmets, and 3D Printed Armour which maintains the traditional flexibility of a turban. The design also includes 3D-printed chainmail lining, which is how Sikh warriors used chainmail to affix onto their turbans before battle. The idea for the Tough Turban began with a vision to create protective gear for Sikh riders that allow them to self-express, and the Tough Turban does just that.

The Product  Development Team Behind The Tough Turban

The Spark team was heavily involved in the process and consulted with Sikh riders to make sure that the Dyneema material being used was durable and flexible enough to be tied into a turban. Spark Innovations worked on the concept development, preliminary design, prototyping, industrial design of the Tough Turban, and 3D Printing. The designs for the prototype are being open-sourced online, allowing manufacturers to have access to this blueprint to make a version of the Tough Turban. Find out more at