The Snobird is the first and only one of its kind in the world. It is an innovative and exciting trick board that has created a new approach to the snow sport and x-treme sport industries.

We have created a patented, freestyle snow riding board that uses a boundless, dual board device, attached by a multi-axial rotating handle bar system, that allows for the Snobird rider to complete the multitude of “flip”, “grab” and “rail” tricks that were once confined to a skateboard. Using the Dual Snobird as our base, we attached the two boards with a strut and handle bar system that enables the boards to rotate freely along the X and Y axes with respect to the upright handle bar.

The first sequence shows the boards rotating around the X-axis, or in boarding terms, performing a kickflip. The image can also be seen in reverse order displaying the performance of a heelflip. The second sequence displays the board rotating around the Y-axis, or a 180 backside shuvit. Again, the image can be seen in reverse order as the boarder would be performing a 180 front side shuvit.

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As all skateboards know, it is the vast variations of rotating a skateboard around the 2 axes that allow for the multitude of tricks performed by the amateur and pros all over the world. We are proud to announce that The Snobird is the first Snobird of its kind that allows for the same variation of movement on the snow. A 360 Flip board slide combination during a shredding session is no longer out of the question. Rather, the question remains, what trick will be performed next? Riding the Snobird without bindings is key to making the whole operation work. Without bindings, the boarder is able to move his/her feet freely along the board to set up for the desired trick. To keep the border connected and stable to the board, there are two main factors at play.

The first are the stomp pads on the top surface of each board. This increases the grip level for each foot. Secondly, and the most importantly, by pulling up on the handle bar system, the upward force of the board braces the board to the feet and moves directly with the feet, allowing the rider to carve down the snow hill. We have also included an adjustable handle to accommodate different sizes of riders and a pin at the strut-handle bar attachment so that bar can be removed for easy storage. Finally, in a recent design, we have added a spring for additional support and force for the strut-handle bar attachment.

To sum up, the Snobird is taking the next step in the Snobirding industry. Our patented technology is the first and only one of its kind in the world and is going to take the snow sport industry by storm. To be able to ride a mountain or freestyle park while performing skateboard tricks is revolutionary and is going to create a hungriness for riders all over the world to attack their favourite hills with a new, innovative approach.