Ball Cap Liner Cliff Floyd

Ball Cap Liner

The Challenge

There is a lot of tradition in the game of baseball. In fact, baseball caps were invented for baseball and that’s how everyone plays the game, with the exception of the batter and catcher. Our Kids also wear their League team hat or their favorite major league team hat playing the game. The challenge was to invent a protective liner strong enough yet almost invisible.

The Solution

The BCL (Ball Cap Liner) significantly reduces Ball and Scrape injuries. Thin yet strong made of a high impact patented visio elastic body armor and space age “metal replacement” technology. Fully cool breathable at top and rear of head. Adjustable velcro straps, breathable and washable cloth backing.

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Ball Cap Liner Exploded View
Ball Cap Liner Materials
Ball Cap Liner Views
Ball Cap Liner
Baseball Group using the Ball Cap Liner
Ball Cap Liner
Ball Cap Liner No temple
Ball Cap Liner Packaging