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Industrial Design

Industrial design is a key strength of Spark Innovations. Industrial design is a process of generating and developing concepts that enhance the function, use, and appearance of a product for the benefit of both the user and the manufacturer. The industrial designer helps to bridge the gap between the desires of product users and the needs of product makers through creative thought, teamwork and experience. At Spark Innovations, it is the industrial designer’s responsibility to assess the needs and desires of the consumer and translate them into feasible designs for products that can be engineered and efficiently manufactured.

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Industrial Design

An overview of how the industrial design process works:

  • The experience you have with your product is essential to our industrial designers. Your ideas and imagination help us formulate the first steps of product development. Our industrial designers also work to extend your initial idea: through brainstorming, additional market research, and creative concepts we gather more information and insight into how your product will serve the target consumer.
  • With all of this data in hand, our industrial designers can then start work on design concepts, using CAD modelling and sketching. The ultimate goal is to ensure that your idea is fully viable and will result in a tangible, functional product.
  • Product usability is critical. If consumers struggle to use your product or feel uncomfortable with it, success is unlikely. Our industrial designers put every product idea through an extensive ergonomics process, enhancing its usability and often the safety and overall functionality as well.
  • The appearance of your product will often determine the level of attention it gets from consumers. They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but people often do. Even a product with new and exciting functions may fail to find a market if its appearance is unappealing. Our industrial designers use sketches, 3D modelling, prototyping, and computer surface modelling to evaluate and improve the look of your product, while also maintaining all of its functionality.
  • Can your product really function as envisioned and be manufactured efficiently? Those questions are answered by our mechanical and industrial designers during our rigorous testing process. Software like Catia and Solid Works enable our industrial design team to create precise virtual models of your product and its various components. We then put these virtual models through a battery of tests, including stress analysis and material suitability. Our exhaustive testing gives us accurate information about performance and enables us to move to the next step of product design.
  • After testing virtual models of your design, our industrial designers create real models that you can touch, feel, and try out for yourself. Prototyping is one of the most exciting steps in the development of your product, since you can see for yourself that your dream is becoming reality.
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A Product Design Team you can Trust!

When the industrial designers at Spark design and develop products that answer the needs and wants of the consumer we are creating profit for your project. Our industrial designers’ product design skills are proven. We have been involved in the design of products like electric and manual toothbrushes, medical devices, tape dispensers, wheelchairs, scooters, night lights, hockey helmets and hardhats. Name a category and chances are we’ve designed it. Since 1989 our industrial design team has focussed on and succeeded in generating products that sell.

Spark-designed products have generated millions in revenues worldwide.

Industrial Design Process