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Luckiest Industrial Designer

Luckiest Industrial Designers Ever!

Speaking of luck these Industrial Designers should approach their insurance company and claim some cash just on the base of how much their insurance saved today! Hahaha!

An old tree fell in between two cars parked at our Industrial Design firm Spark Innovations. The odds were all in their favour: The distance between the cars, the angle in which the tree broke, the direction that the tree fell, the exact location of the initial crack on the tree, the wind, the width of the branches of the tree and the fact that there was one person that did not come to work today! It’s absolutely unbelievable that those branches didn’t make the slightest scratch on any of the cars.

We had to share this with you all! Good luck!

Oh and by the way if you have an innovative idea and you are looking for an industrial Design Firm you should really consider calling us, this may be your lucky day!

Tree misses Parked cars
Fallen tree finds a spot
Tree misses Industrial Designer car
Fallen Tree doesnt even scratch the car