Basketball Soaker

Are those scorching hot summer days keeping you inside due to the dreaded heat of the outdoors? Basketball is an infamous outdoor we all love but is notorious for getting hot and sweaty. But why not get the best of both worlds playing basketball and staying cool at the same time? The SplashBall Basketball unit is a device that attaches to your driveway basketball net that sprays out water every time a basket is made. It is the perfect cross between a basketball activity and a water soaker to keep you cool on those hot summer days.

Eco-Friendly Fun

This environmentally friendly soaker is derived by the connection to your garden hose to the Splashball device. The device is only activated by a successful shot through the basketball hoop and is equipped with a shut-off valve to conserve water, leaving a positive eco-footprint on the environment.

The  Design Team Behind the Product Development

Spark Innovations worked on concept creation, industrial design concepts and graphic design, mechanical engineering with all plumbing components sourced, engineering drawings and prototyping, as well as patent work. Our team at Spark made sure to fine tune and adjust accordingly based on client feedback throughout the process, adhering to have this product vision come to life exactly as had in mind by our client. Stay active and stay cool today with the Splashball! Order yours today! 

Quotes from the Founder:

Founder Mark, first launched his idea while playing a summer game of basketball on his driveway with his youngest son. They discovered that playing basketball was even more fun when you could stay cool on a hot summer day.  From here began a collaboration and the creation of Splashball. Their mission is to inspire moments of healthy outdoor activity to protect and maintain health and fitness. We hope to inspire all children, teens, and families to enjoy activity and outdoor play with a cool game of Splashball Basketball on your home court.