Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineers

Developing products that work exceptionally well is the goal of Spark Innovations’ team of mechanical engineers. Our mechanical engineers figure out how to make your product in a smarter, better, safer and more economical way. Whether it’s designing safety gear for sports, electronic consumer goods, home, kitchen, or medical devices, our mechanical engineers will provide the best solutions. Their work ensures that your concepts are feasible from the start.
One of Spark’s engineering strengths is in designing for high-volume production. Mass production requires a very different way of thinking about design and involves considerable attention to production-sequence detail, far in advance of actually setting up a production line.

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Mechanical Engineering detail for Product Design
Mechanical Engineering for the Motion Seat
Mechanical Engineering for Product Design

A Great Mechanical Engineer Team!

We believe that a product’s aesthetics and style are as important as its function when it comes to securing sales. High quality mechanical engineering is key to successful product design and economical production. At Spark, our mechanical engineers are product-design focused, a critical advantage that ensures better design overall. Our mechanical engineers work in the same space as our industrial designers, product designers, and graphic designers to design your products seamlessly, efficiently and faster.
Our mechanical engineers are experts in product cost-reduction and in designing to regulatory standards such as CSA, UL, ISO, FDA, ADA, FCC, JIS, VDE, etc. We also use the best CAD software available: Catia and Solidworks.
After your products are engineered at Spark Innovations, the product development team and mechanical engineers use an in-house rapid prototype system that maintains the confidentiality of all client projects. We have a PolyJet Objet 30, a high resolution 3D printer with 28 micron layer thickness. With this 3D printer we can build models and prototypes featuring ultra-precision details. (For the record, Spark prices these superior rapid prototype parts at approximately 60% of an equivalent prototype part from other rapid prototype service providers.)

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Mechanical Engineers with Experience that you can Trust!

With these plastic prototypes our mechanical engineers can evaluate the design intent, ergonomics, and aesthetics of a product. The prototypes can be used to test assembly, fit, structural integrity and durability. They can also be finished and used prior to production as casting, sales, and promotional models. If you are talking to investors or just developing your product alone you’ll need working prototypes like these before moving to the production phase.
Spark’s designs are often manufactured in Asia. Spark arranges turnkey subcontract domestic or offshore production for our clients, including all tooling, sequencing, Q/A, and testing. We often arrange and manage production and ongoing production engineering so that our clients need only concern themselves with managing distribution and sales.
With over 30 years of experience we’ve become experts at delivering what customers want and need. Our mechanical engineers help you develop the details that your customers will notice. We perfect, examine and simplify to ensure that designs have unique user interaction, are inexpensive to manufacture, and highly trustworthy.