Product development

Our product development process, seen in this chart, covers all phases from initial concept or design idea to creation of a final product ready to sell to the market. Here is an explanation of the steps involved in each phases of product development.

The product development process includes a project initiation stage and 4 phases:

Project Initiation is when we have our first meeting and exchange information. We prepare a design quote where we specify activities, deliverables, schedules and costs. We send you a quote. If you approve, you will sign back the document and pay us a deposit.

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  • Phase 1 of the product development process involves research and gathering criteria and approval. We do a patent search and IP review. After this we start one of the most important steps of the product development process: concept and brand development. During this phase your concept is born. You are presented with a set of sketches in this visual model phase of product development. Once you approve the final concept we sign it off and continue with the next phase.
Product Development Process at Spark Innovations
  • Phase 2 of product development is CAD Development. In this phase we make that approved concept into a 3D CAD design. We carefully work on the surfaces of the model. Once your files are suitable for tool quotation and 3D prototypes, we will generate a rendering that looks like a real photograph of your product.
Product Development Process
  • Phase 3 is Prototype Development. This is a very exciting part of product development. At this point we will build a 3D model which gives us the opportunity to review and modify the design if needed. In the meantime, we also create the patent drawings and file a patent. Once the product model is approved it is signed off and we are ready to advance to the next step.
Product Development
  • Phase 4 of the product development process is Production Preparation. During this last phase we finalize the 3D and 2D drawings for production. Information about the proper tools for building is sent to selected suppliers and reviewed with the suppliers until the job is completed. One of the most important parts of the product development process is the quality review! In this step we ensure that all parts are perfectly designed for the final product to be manufactured. In this last phase of the product development process we make sure the final details are all in place. We take care of the final graphics for the product and the packaging and receive the first pre-production samples. We review and make corrections if necessary. Once all the revisions are done the product development process is over and your product is ready for production!