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AMAZING Kickstarter Campaign! – The NutriScale Board

Kickstarters Campaign | NutriScale Board

This is one amazing tool that we should all have!!!! Check out the features and benefits of this spectacular NutriScale:


The NutriScale Board combines the functionality of a kitchen scale with optional dual cutting surfaces. Cut, weigh and dispense using one space-saving kitchen device, for healthy eating and portion control.

  • Eat healthier
  • Save time
  • Improve efficiency in the kitchen

It’s versatile, easy to use and stores compactly.

We recognize that people are very thoughtful about the items they purchase for their kitchen – we are all looking to improve efficiency and reduce clutter. The design of the components is what differentiates this product; it was important that we build it to maximize versatility and minimize the storage footprint. The three components – cutting board, optional second cutting surface and the scale – work cohesively in a variety of ways.


Optional Dual Cutting Surfaces

Kickstarters kitchen scale & cutting board | kickstarters campaign

Weigh, portion, serve, and dispense food, all on the same board. It’s meal prep made simple.



Nutriscale Design Process | Kickstarters Campaign

Design Process

The Design team at Kitchen Innovations has a wide range of experience in concept development, industrial design, engineering and manufacturing. We are currently focusing on product ideas that will save consumers time and help them eat better. We identified a trend of steadily increasing sales of kitchen scales, which aligns with the spotlight that has been given to making smarter food choices. After many brainstorming sessions, the NutriScale Board was conceived. What followed were numerous meetings to establish product spec requirements, sketches, CAD files, optimization and 3D prototypes. We ended up with a versatile, easy to use and compact solution for the kitchen that everyone can use.

NutriScale Sketches | Kickstarters Campaign
NutriScale Final Product| Kickstarters Campaign

We are passionate about food and believe in making real food with real ingredients. Our focus has always been on developing products to support that goal. We have experience bringing kitchen gadgets to the market but the NutriScale Board is bigger and like nothing we’ve done before. The design, engineering and prototypes are complete. We are now presented with the upfront products expenses including tooling, certification and production. We have reliable and trustworthy manufacturing relationships, meaning that your contribution will go further.

Back this project and make a change in you life!