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New Invention Help!

We are a product development firm located in Toronto dedicated to new invention help.
What we mean by “new invention help” is helping inventors or anyone who has an idea develop their new invention or ideas into products.
Many people have great ideas for new inventions floating around in their heads that have the potential to be great products. However, most of them don’t do anything about the invention or idea they have because they don’t know where to go. Some individuals may take a few initial steps and develop their idea to a limited degree, but never pursue it to its full completion. To turn your new invention idea into something concrete and get it into the hands of consumers, you need a company like Spark Innovations.
If you have ever said to yourself: “I have a new idea. Where do I go now?” then you have found the right place.
Spark Innovations has an expert team of product designers, mechanical engineers, industrial designers, and graphic designers that will help you start and finish the entire product development process. We help people with consumer product invention ideas at all stages of design, development, patenting, and manufacturing.

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We are Helping inventors take their ideas to consumer products that can be sold

New invention help involves concept development, sketches, drawings and renderings, CAD drawings and mechanical drawings, patent drawings, patent drafts, graphic design, logo, branding, packaging design, and more. We will help you along the way, whether you are stuck partway through the process or need assistance from the beginning to the end.
We are located north of Toronto, Ontario and we have helped people around Canada and the US initiate and complete the daunting task of product development.
We can help: whether your idea is made of a single plastic part or composed of an entire assembly; if your new invention is a product for the home or the kitchen, for a specific sport and recreation, or a great alternative medical or dental device. We are experts in industrial design solutions and we can help move your idea from a general concept to a real-life product.
New invention help is exactly that! Contact us today for a free consultation. If you prefer, we will gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement before our meeting. Click on this link where you can download some helpful forms. Call us today and let us know how we can help you bring your NEW INVENTION to life!