Artificial Intelligence will change how we design products

Some amazing advances in technology might soon change the way we design things. This Ted Talk by Maurice Conti explains how this new era, as he coins it “The Augmented Age” will radically advance our natural human capabilities by enhanced computational systems. This augmented age will help connect us to the robotics systems like never before, allowing us to see a digital nervous system of the things we use, connecting us to the world far beyond our natural senses. Maurice shows us how the tools we use are going from passive, to generative, then to intuitive, by using algorithms to come up with new designs, all done without a human.
He goes on to show examples of how artificial intelligence is being used in today’s world to create things humanly impossible. Then, dives deeper into the possibility and potential of the augmented age if we were connected by a nervous system together…. Does this sound too scary or naturally our future?  Either way, this new shift in technology will redefine the future we live in. Check it out!