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Designing Cooking Tools

For thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is that amazing day of the year where all we can think of is food! Specifically turkey and everything that comes along with it! Vegetables, stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pie for dessert and we can go on and on! Mmmm! unfortunately, someone has to prepare all of this!

Let’s make this special person’s life easier with some items Spark Innovations has worked on.

The perfect cooking tool for poultry: Poultry Perfection

One of the best ways to guarantee your turkey will be moist and golden brown every time is the Poultry Perfection. It’s made of extra heavy duty foil which covers your pan liner and expands up to 36 inches to accommodate many sizes. When your turkey is finished cooking this turkey tent will help lift your turkey from the pan with ease!

The perfect cooking tool for poultry

Best cooking tool design for mashing: Perfect Masher

This patented Perfect Masher has a unique set of diamond-shape cutting blades for effortlessly mashes, whips and rises in 60 seconds! Perfect for textured vegetables, baby food, egg salad, guacamole, fruits, jams and canning. Solid stainless steel and a simple rubber handle are the main components to this Prefect Masher.
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Best cooking tool design for mashing

Best Garlic peeling tool:  The Garlic-A-Peel

This very compact garlic peeler was designed and developed for Kitchen Innovations. Spark’s team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers worked on every aspect of this design. From the initial concepts and sketches, 3D renderings and 3D models to final details of the packaging and marketing material.
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Best Garlic peeling tool

Beautiful and useful cooking tools for pie making: Heart Pie Weights

This is the ZEAL Fuss Free Silicone Pie Weight for baking pie crusts! Perfect for blind-baking pastry, and great alternative to baking beans. The heart shaped weights are connected, and are kept together at all times. This product includes a handy storage bag and is made of 100% European grade pure non-stick silicone. Dishwasher safe and heat resistant to 482F (250C) and is extremely durable. Buy one here!

useful cooking tools for pie making

Whether you are in Canada or the US or anywhere around the world, just starting with a design concept or further along in the process, designing a kitchen tool or anything else do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a call for a free consultation.