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The HomeBiogas turns your waste into clean energy

Ecofriendly Product Design

Ecofriendly Products and Systems That Help Our Lives and The Life Of Our Planet.

Every day we stumble upon some great new ecofriendly products that in one way or another help us and the environment. In some cases they use less packaging, in other cases products are made of stronger and longer lasting materials that can be recycled. Many new ideas focus on making waste more lifecycle productive. But in most cases, the products that are out there are down cycled, which means the materials or components are reused in lower-value products.

HomeBiogas turns your waste into clean energy, this is a perfect example of the opposite of down cycling, and this is upcycling!

Upcycling | Eco Friendly Product Designs

This simple design allows you, from the comfort of your own home, to provide energy and waste management infrastructure for your living space.  

It’s very simple to install and can give you up to two hours of use with a single cooking burner a day.  Happy clients talk about the sustainability and how they are converting their waste into money. This system has transformed thousands of lives all over the world.

Although there are some temperature requirements for this to work properly, there are options for colder areas.


An Ecofriendly System Off The Grid

This is not just an ecofriendly design, this can solve so many problems we are facing globally. One very important thing and the magic of HomeBiogas is that it’s off-the-grid. Bacteria break down organic waste in a naturally occurring process, and HomeBiogas stores and harnesses the energy created so that you can use it!

Check out how its works

The real question is whats next? With all the current global issues designers are bound to explore, solutions such as this and it can only get better.

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