From Invention to Market:  Proud Grill Co.  thanks Spark for their contribution for being recognized for Product Innovation by industry Retailers.

Q-Swiper awarded Retailers Choice Award!

We are so happy to announce that Last week the Q-Swiper was awarded a Retailers Choice Award for one of the most outstanding and innovative products at the 2018 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas by Hardware Retailing Magazine Retailers’ Choice Panel.

Q-Swiper is very proud of this honor. Unlike many other product awards, they do not have an editorial panel select the winners. This product was selected by a panel of retailers who have real-world experience in identifying unique merchandise that holds the potential for retail sales.

Q-Swiper awarded a Retailers Choice Award

Here are a few more facts about the awards:

  • Hardware Retailing has been handing out the Retailers’ Choice Awards at the National Hardware Show® for more than 50 years.
  • Each of the winners is selected from the thousands of products on display at the show.
  • This year there were 36 products selected for these awards.
  • Judges are simply asked to walk the floor as they usually would and select products that they feel are unique and hold sales potential for their stores.
  • The judges are not paid; they volunteer their time for the awards.

This is what inventor Paul said to Spark: “Thanks to everyone at Spark who helped deliver on this innovation and contributed to making the Q-Swiper a Retailers’ Choice Selection!”

Congratulations Paul on this award and we look forward to developing more of your products!