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Great Eco Friendly Beer Can Packaging Ideas

Ecofriendly Thinking – Great Packaging

There are some great eco-friendly ideas out there to help reduce packaging but this idea is just fantastic.

The plastic packaging that typically holds a 6 packs of cans have been deemed very dangerous to willife as they usually end up in the sea stuck around animal’s throats choking them. While many iterations of the packaging have been seen over the years, here’s a look at a very creative and sustainable alternative to the standard six-pack ring.

Several companies have experimented with ways to not only reduce the volume of the packaging but also to create ways to making them useful for the environment.

Environmentally friendly – Snap Pack

Environmentally friendly – Snap Pack

The Danish brewery Carlsberg debuted its “Snap Pack,” which glues a six-pack of beer cans together. The Snap Pack replaces the plastic wrapping used to hold Carlsberg’s six-packs. This new technology will eliminate 76% of the plastic used in traditional multi-packs. When fully implemented, this could reduce plastic waste by more than 1,200 tons globally – equivalent to eliminating 60 million plastic bags each year.

Edible Six-Pack Rings

The devastating effects of plastic six-pack rings led the Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach to work on the edible six-pack rings. This brand-new approach to sustainable beer packaging six-pack rings are 100 percent biodegradable and edible. Constructed of barley and wheat ribbons from the brewing process, this packaging can actually be safely eaten by animals.

Check out this introductory video of the Edible Six-Pack Rings:

While many iterations of the packaging have been seen over the years, here’s a look at a very creative alternative to no packaging at all.

Coronas Fit Pack: A No Packaging Alternative to Beer Cans

This solution, Corona’s new eco-friendly packaging is not only scalable, but financially feasible to eliminate plastic from the packaging of products forever. The Fit Pack is absurdly simple. Your simply screw the cans together in a vertical line and voila!

These are not the only companies around the world trying to be creative by innovating sustainable ways to protect the environment.

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