Kickstarter Campaigns Worth Checking Out

A Kickstarter Campaign Worth Checking Out!

A Non-Stick Chef Knife For Kitchen Enthusiasts

Have you ever been chopping your ingredients and wished they didn’t get stuck to the knife? This simple yet unique new knife solves this problem. Most vegetables contain a lot of moisture and because of this, the pieces you cut will typically stick to the blade, and subsequently, they will fall off the blade and roll in all directions creating a mess on your cutting board.

To counter this problem, the designer (Thomas Vissen), came up with this new knife concept: Thomas Kook. After several iterations, Thomas ended up creating a single embossed line on the side of the blade. This line is just thick enough to push whatever you cut away from the blade, but thin enough to cut through everything flawlessly.

Tomas Kook- A Non-Stick Chef Knife

It basically acts as a wedge to keep the blade surface clean and keeps the pieces of vegetables on the cutting board. After a year of sketching, developing and a lot of chopping the Thomas Kook knife was born.

Check out this Kickstarter campaign and back for yours.