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When you look at a product you just purchased do you ever wonder who or what was involved in its development? Who designed it? Was it a product designer, an industrial designer, or a mechanical engineer?

It might surprise you to know that the development of virtually any product in the marketplace likely involved a mechanical engineering team.

Mechanical engineering play an essential role in the design process. At Spark Innovations we work on each process of in product design, from the initial concept to the manufacture of the product, but mechanical engineering is a crucial step that every product needs in order to be successful.

It is almost impossible to determine where mechanical engineering starts or ends. An expert mechanical engineering team can resolve the technical details that allow the product you touch and interact with to meet marketing, regulatory, and user requirements with reasonable manufacturing costs and quality expectations.

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The mechanical engineering team is responsible for the CAD drawings used to communicate details, tolerances, and critical dimensions for designs. The CAD drawings are used in prototype building, tooling, manufacturing, and assemblies. These drawings provide precise specifications for the mechanical components and all parts of the design, and also outline how these components are integrated together in a larger system.

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During the development of 3D models, a mechanical engineering team is in charge of making production intent designs that transform models into manufacturable products. Our mechanical engineers look into details like wall stock, drafts, steel safe conditions, tolerances, and material selection. This process takes a lot of time since it is the most crucial step in making an invention come to life. This level of detail will be reflected in the molds that are used to generate each of the parts of a design idea.

Our mechanical engineering team is also in charge of verifying the details of initial sample parts. If any concerns are identified before manufacturing, the product design will be revised and improved by the mechanical engineers. At this stage parts can still be fixed before being sent off for production and our mechanical engineers will confirm that everything is in working order.

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What’s a great looking product worth if it doesn’t work properly? Whether it is an electronic device, sporting equipment, an appliance, or even a simple accessory, a product needs to be engineered. Consumers have increasingly higher expectations for products and at Spark Innovations our mechanical engineering team designs them right! Cleverness is at the heart of our mechanical engineering success. Finding ways to rethink old standards and apply new technologies in the most efficient way is a central part of our design attitude.

At Spark Innovations we develop novel and groundbreaking products that customers want to show off, create an air of prestige, and pack in just the right amount of colour and unique design elements. The job of making products that work and are designed successfully takes an experienced team of mechanical engineers like the experts at Spark!