Medi Compliance Solutions Inc. in Partnership with Jones Packaging Launches North America’s First Medication Adherence Study

Trial aimed at measuring medication adherence using the Medi Compliance system to improve medication usage and patient outcomes.

Toronto, Canada – March 28, 2016 – Medi Compliance Solutions Inc.(MCSI) in partnership with Jones Packaging, is pleased to announce plans to commence the healthcare industry’s first medication adherence study. The trial will be conducted using MCSI’s automated medication adherence system and Jones Packaging’s FlexRx™ blister packs for evaluating patient compliance when using a medication reminder and storage device system for chronic medications. MCSI has developed the first integrated Medication Adherence System that connects the patient with the doctor, pharmacist, and caregiver in real-time to significantly improve medication compliance. The platform is fully automated and integrated with the pharmacy’s dispensary system to ensure that the patient is notified when it’s time to take a medication, and keeps track of whether or not the patient is taking their medication on time. Plus, the system notifies the caregiver to let them know if the patient has forgotten to take their medication, creating a full circle of care for patients taking chronic medication.

“The goal is to ensure that the patient takes the right medication on time as prescribed”, explains Tova Manett, President of MCSI. “MCSI and Jones Packaging are working together to bring safety and peace of mind to medication-based healthcare by embracing the internet of things to connect devices and processes that deliver better patient experiences and raise the standards for medication compliance.”

The study is the first of its kind for capturing medication usage data in real-time.  MCSI’s unique sensor system on each device recognizes when pills are actually removed from the pill compartment, and will notify the caregiver by text if the patient fails to take their medication dose. Currently, only 50% of patients take their medication as prescribed, costing the Canadian economy $9 billion annually.  Additionally, drug non-compliance is the cause of 25% of hospital admissions among the elderly (CSHP Advocacy Fact Sheet).  The study will focus on changes in behavior when a patient uses a compliance device versus traditional methods for adherence and will highlight all patient activity including trends, patient behaviour and overall adoption to using a medication adherence reminder device.

“We are excited to be a part of this industry-changing initiative”, says Chris Harris Jones, Principal at Jones Packaging.  Incorporating Jones innovative FlexRx™ blister packaging with MCSI’s state-of-the-art technology will set a new standard for patient care by ensuring that millions of patients take the right dose of the right drugs at the right time.”


About Medi Compliance Solutions Inc.

Medi Compliance Solutions Inc, (MCSI) is a team of medication adherence specialists focused on improving medication compliance and conformance with the healthcare provider’s recommendations with respect to timing, dosage, and frequency of medication-taking during the prescribed length of time. MCSI specializes in addressing all of these issues by offering patients and their healthcare provider community MediNag ™, the only adherence solution that will remind, notify and track their medication-taking activities, behaviours and overall compliance. MediNag™ is the leading compliance solution to date because of its unique ability to connect the patient, the pharmacist, the physician and the caregiver without changing any existing behaviour or patterns, making MediNag™ an affordable, easy to use answer for improving patient care and outcomes.


About Jones Packaging Inc.

An international company specializing in pharmacy dispensing products such as vials, compliance packaging, blister packs, cart solutions and kiosks.  A family owned and operated business for more than 130 years, Jones Packaging understands the value of working with a partner who is committed not only to providing outstanding service and end-to-end packaging solutions but also one who simplifies the process. Commitment to this approach is how Jones has become the name trusted by some of the most trusted names in the global marketplace. For more information, visit

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