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There is a growing market for pet products. In fact, market research indicates that the industry is expected to hit $91.72 billion in sales by 2019.  Inventors and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of these favourable trends to dream up the next big ideas for the industry. If you have a great idea for a pet product, you are in the right place. Spark Innovations has experience helping entrepreneurs successfully develop products for pets.

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The Cleash: Safe and strong pet snap that engages with a simple click

Pet Product Design and Development: Why There is Demand for New Products

Inventors and entrepreneurs understand the trends behind the skyrocketing numbers in the pet care industry, including: aging and overweight pets; humanization of pets (the love for our animals and the need to treat them like a part of the family); demand for quality and high-end products; growth in the service sector; a demand for eco-friendly pet products; and an increasing amount of marketing campaigns where the focus is the human-pet bond.
These trends motivate and inspire inventors who, having identified a need for a product, have come up with creative solutions. The critical steps between idea and reality are where Spark Innovations comes in—we help inventors, designers, and entrepreneurs design and develop all types of pet products. Whether you are here in Toronto on anywhere in the world, we can help.

Spark Innovations’ Pet Product Designs

Our successes in pet product design include the popular and highly rated “Neater Feeder” which was designed and developed by a team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers from Spark Innovations. The idea was to provide a pet feeding system that would keep spills contained, reduce property damage, prevent spilled water from saturating spilled food, and allow pet owners to clean the feeding system in a few convenient steps. One of the most important challenges was designing a system that would meet all of those criteria while also helping prevent two common problems for pets: gastric distress associated with feeding from a bowl on the floor, and the development of chronic shoulder and back fatigue in the animal, caused by the repetitive cycle of lowering the head toward the bowl.


Spark's Neater Feeder
Spark's Neater Feeder

We conducted research and held brainstorming sessions to come up with the initial concepts and sketches. We also developed prototypes and tested them until we achieved the ideal ergonomic product design. From there we moved on to concept development. A team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers modeled the renderings into 3D software. After this step we created the patent drawings. After lots of back and forth, manufacturing moulds were completed. The product was a huge success at launch and continues to be to this day.

Another pet product design Spark is currently working on is the Cleash. The Cleash is a user-friendly, safe, and strong snap that engages with a simple click. With this innovative, improved, and easy- to-use design, there is no need to twist the clasp of a leash at an awkward angle to release the pet. Even large and excited animals are easily released with a flick of the finger. (To learn more about how the Cleash words, watch this video.) Spark Innovations worked on everything from the initial sketches and patent drawings to final manufacturing management.

With our experience in all phases of industrial design, and our particular success in pet product development, we are your ideal partner. If you have a pet product design idea please contact us for a consultation. We are here to help!

The Cleash