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The Bind Buddy |

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Bind Buddy- Coat Carrier

Never Lose Your Jacket!

Do you ever feel like you wish you had a third hand to hold your suit, jacket, sweater or heavy coat? When you are at school, traveling, hiking, commuting or just shopping, especially with unpredictable weather, finding yourself not knowing what to do with it? In some occasions we hang them from our waist or bags or hold on to them feeling the burden and lack of freedom.

An inventor approached Spark Innovations with a great solution to this problem. He had lost so many sweaters and jackets over the years resulting in a lot of money wasted, which was the catalyst of how this invention came to life!

He called it “BindBuddy”. A lightweight device that uses a catch-and-release system to securely hold your outerwear for you, making your day-to-day commute less stressful. It’s an easy-to-use device designed to turn your backpack, briefcase, or handbag strap into a storage solution for coats, jackets and sweaters.

Think of it as a built-in butler for your backpack. Thanks to its universal design, BindBuddy can attach to any size bag strap. It keeps your outerwear by your side so you can enjoy a hands-free commute…wherever your destination.

Whether you’re taking the train to work, walking to class, or boarding a plane for a business trip, with BindBuddy you don’t have to worry about carrying your jacket or blazer while trying to drink your morning coffee. Its great for when you are running out of luggage space.

Product Design Process for this New Invention

Spark worked on industrial design concepts, engineering, patent drawings and prototypes for BindBuddy.

Here are a few images representing the steps of the design process:

The Bind Buddy | Prototype
The Bind Buddy | Prototype Exploration
The Bind Buddy | Patent Drawings
The Bind Buddy | 3D Printing
The Bind Buddy | Renderings

Kickstarter for Funding

If you are interested in a BindBuddy you can help take this idea to life. They will be launching soon on Kickstarter. If you want one via kickstarters enter your information here to get notified when they are live. As a bonus, you will get up to 50% off your order. The BindBuddy is an “on-the-go” storage solution designed to turn your backpack, briefcase, or handbag strap into a storage solution for your coat, jacket, or sweaters.